About Us

Building the destination platform for parents seeking convenient and cost-effective meal planning for their families.

Our Team

Little Lunches is a team of highly trained chefs, pediatricians, dietitians and feeding therapists.


We are on a mission to make family meal planning convenient and affordable for everyone. 

Our Recipes

Little Lunches' meal plans are produced based on our expansive collection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes. The recipes have been developed by our team of highly trained chefs and dietitians and tested by kids (of course!).

Giving Back to Our Community

For every subscriber on Little Lunches, lunch meals are provided to school children in need in the Americas. We are working with various charity organizations to serve public schools in multiple cities and rural areas.

Our Partners

We are offering grocery delivery in select locations through partnerships:

United States: Instacart, Walmart

Other regions coming soon!

If you would like to get in contact with us regarding a potential partnership, please contact us at sales@littlelunches.com.


Little Lunches utilizes AI and big data technologies to tailor and enrich the user experience, ensuring it seamlessly aligns with dietary needs while optimizing grocery shopping and feeding advice. By harnessing these technologies, we personalize the user journey to provide the most relevant and helpful content possible.


Jessica Facussé brings a diverse background from Harvard Business School and the International Culinary Center in NYC, where she honed her skills alongside top chefs in Manhattan. Boasting a social media following of 500K, she was recognized as one of the top 100 innovators in Latin America by Bloomberg in 2023. Jessica co-founded Little Lunches alongside her husband, Henrik Andersson. He's a seasoned athlete with five Ironman competitions under his belt, brings a health-conscious perspective to the team. His extensive experience in technology, strategy, and startups complements Jessica's culinary expertise, driving the company's mission forward.

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